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The Fries Museum is a dynamic museum in the heart of the bustling city of Leeuwarden. Step inside the modern building and be inspired by your favorite stories or artwork. The sword of Grutte Pier, a romantic painting by the world famous Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, the fairytale landscape by Gerrit Benner... Or perhaps the adventurous life of Mata Hari.

The museum is the cultural hotspot of the North. Surprising, ever-changing exhibitions tell stories from the Middle Ages to M.C. Escher. Immerse yourself in Friesland: from the unique Hindeloopen period room and the battle with the water to leading design and masters such as Rembrandt and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema. In the Frisian Resistance Museum you will hear stories that touch, confront and make you think. About resistance and persecution in the Second World War, but also about freedom today. On the third floor you can admire fresh contemporary art by well-known and up-and-coming artists from the Netherlands and abroad.

Take your (grand)children or nephews and nieces with you for a fun day out, where they will secretly learn a lot. After your museum visit, you can enjoy a local lunch, a Frisian specialty beer or the most delicious orange cake at Café Thús. And at Slieker Film, which is located in the same building, you can let yourself be carried away by the most surprising art house films. In addition, the museum regularly organizes lively events for young and old.


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