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welcome to the fries museum
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welcome to the fries museum

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Welcome to the Fries Museum, a dynamic museum in the heart of the vibrant city of Leeuwarden. Step inside the modern building and be inspired by your favourite stories or artwork.

opening hours

The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm.

Special opening days: Easter Monday, Whit Monday and Boxing Day
Closed: New Year's Day, King's Day and Christmas Day

exhibitions and activities

Be inspired by the most beautiful works of art by Frisian masters such as Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Gerrit Benner and Wybrand de Geest. Get carried away by the exciting stories of Grutte Pier, Mata Hari and the Vikings. Discover how the remarkable landscape has been shaped over the years and is still evolving.

The Fries Verzetsmuseum is part of the Fries Museum. Here you will meet the inhabitants of Friesland in the years 1940-1945. Frisians and non-Frisians tell how they experienced the war in rural Friesland.

fries museum for everyone

The Fries Museum is there for everyone. Whether you are an experienced art connoisseur or have never been to a museum, Frisian or not, history or art lover, young or old: it is our mission to make everyone feel at home with us.

accessibility and rules

The Fries Museum strives to be as accessible as possible to all visitors. Housed in a modern building, the museum is easily accessible for the disabled. Click here for more information on accessibility. We wish you a pleasant visit. To protect our collection, we ask you to pay attention to some house rules.

slieker film

Also visit Slieker Film, the film theatre located in the Fries Museum. Its special programming is guaranteed to make for a fun night out. Click here for more information on Slieker Film.

View the offer of Slieker Film here.

café thús

Come for lunch or drinks in Friesland's nicest museum café! Right in the centre overlooking the beautiful Wilhelminaplein, you will enjoy dishes made with sustainable Frisian regional products, carefully prepared by our Chef Johan. You can visit the café without a museum ticket. Click here for the menu and more information about Café Thús.

events and rental

For any event, you will find a suitable room with enough space in the beautiful new building of the Fries Museum. Surrounded by the art and history of Friesland, you and your guests will enjoy a personal welcome. Click on the card below for more information.

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