donations of objects
to the fries museum


We receive our most precious treasures from all corners of the world. The donors give objects to the museum that are close to their hearts and that have a great emotional value. In this way they provide the collection with moving, funny, beautiful, special but above all very personal stories.

Every donation is different: sometimes the museum is stated in an inheritance. At other times, a long-term loan is converted into a gift. But the motivation is almost always the same: the donor wants to preserve the object for future generations.

In this video, Eveline Holsappel (curator of 16th-20th century heritage) talks about the Frisian costume of five-year-old Jopie Bursema. The costume was made in 1926 and was donated to us in 2018 by Mrs. Plijnaar. The video was made by Sije Kingma and was part of the exhibition Collected work: the rich collection of Friesland (2019).

Video - Krijgen
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