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the fries museum’s sustainability coordinator has been selected

for creative climate leadership programme by julie’s bicycle

Sustainability coordinator Lisa Klompe of the Fries Museum has been selected for Creative Climate Leadership (CCL) Benelux. This international programme is designed to mobilise and connect a creative climate movement. During the programme, participants will engage with each other and experts on the role of art and culture in the fight against climate change. CCL Benelux is organised by UK non-profit organisation Julie’s Bicycle, which has over 15 years’ experience in advising and empowering the arts and culture sector.

Sustainability coordinator Lisa Klompe
Sustainability coordinator Lisa Klompe

The CCL programme is aimed at performing arts, fine arts, music, independent artists and professionals working in the sector such as producers, presenters, curators, funders, policymakers and others who want to bring their cultural and creative expertise to bear on the climate debate. 

fries museum and sustainability 

It’s a huge honour to have been selected for this inspiring programme. Julie’s Bicycle is the most renowned institution specialising in climate justice and climate issues in relation to art and culture. I’m looking forward to learning more about how I personally and we as a museum can do our bit for a sustainable future in an open, principled and impactful way,’ said Lisa Klompe. At the 2022 Museum Conference, she hosted a well-attended workshop on embedding sustainability within the organisation. She also participated on behalf of the Fries Museum in the Koploper project, an initiative of Tourism Alliance Friesland, Circular Friesland, Ynbusiness, the Province of Fryslân and DZyzzion.

The Fries Museum is proactively working towards greener operations in the fight against climate change. The museum wants to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and to broad prosperity for the region. Want to know more about the museum’s ambitions and challenges? Visit

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