online lecture

on embroidery
by gilian vogelsang
online lecture

online lecture on embroidery

by gilian vogelsang – eastwood

We organise this lecture as a part of our new exhibition Haute Bordure and in collaboration with Crafts Council Nederland. Crafts Council Nederland contributes to the development of crafts and the creative crafts culture. We also host many (mostly Dutch spoken) masterclasses and workshops with Crafts Council Nederland, visit their website for more information. 

Gillian Vogelsang - Eastwood is the driving force behind the Textile Research Center in Leiden. Since 2017 she published, in collaboration with many others, very extensive embroidery encyclopedias. For example, they published the Encyclopedia of Embroidery of the Arab World and in January published the second volume about the subjects Central Asia, the Iranian plateau and sub India. There is so much to tell about embroidery, the techniques they use, materials and customs that there are, that there will be at least three more lectures coming up. Gillian will take us into the wonderful world of embroidery Thursday afternoon on the 25th of March.

Date: Thursday 25 March 16:00
Location: Online via Zoom (you'll receive a link on the day of the lecture in your email)
Costs: € 7.50
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For questions regarding this lecture, please consult Crafts Council Nederland via Willemien Ippel: 

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