rienck van cammingha

In this painting Rienck van Cammingha is portrayed standing between his family arms and his castle, the Cammingha family’s residence in the 16th century. It stood where the SC Cambuur football stadium is now. The deer and the three combs in the football club’s emblem are derived from the Camminga family’s coat of arms.

Rienck van Cammingha, Adriaen van Cronenburg, 1552

Rienck van Cammingha, Adriaen van Cronenburg, 1552. Click on the image to see a larger version.

But enough about football now: have a good look at Rienck’s outfit: over his trousers this man of rank is wearing a conspicuous garment, known as a braguette or codpiece, a flap or pouch attached to the front of the crotch, accentuating the genital area, as a token of his virility.

One day, it may become fashion again !