m.c. escher

In 2018 one of the Museum of Friesland’s long-cherished dreams will finally be realised. M.C. Escher is perhaps Leeuwarden’ most famous resident, a fact unknown to a large number of Escher fans and residents of Friesland. He was born in 1898 in the city palace on the Grote Kerkstraat, the building that now houses the Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics. The Museum of Friesland is organising a major exhibition about M.C. Escher for 2018, the year that Leeuwarden-Fryslân is the Cultural Capital of Europe.

In the exhibition visitors accompany Escher on his physical and intellectual journeys. His unique development is mapped out with more than 50 early and late original prints. We show how travelling and his stays in Spain and Italy influenced his artistry. Visitors meet Escher the person, and walk in his footsteps. The exhibition is designed as a three-dimensional biography: it truly feels as if you enter into Escher’s headspace.

The exhibition will not be confined to the museum only. In addition to this spectacular exhibition of his oeuvre, and another exhibition in which artists of today show how Escher’s ideas have inspired them, the museum has organised projects in the province for the entire year to bring together diverse groups in the Frisian community, with Escher as the binding factor.


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