fries verzetsmuseum (frisian resistance museum) part of the fries museum

The Fries Verzetsmuseum ('Fries Resistance Museum') introduces visitors to the people who lived here during the Second World War. Frisians and non-Frisians alike relate how they survived the war in the Frisian countryside. Resistance and persecution, but no winters of starvation, and encounters with refugees and others who came from far and wide to fetch milk and food. Personal stories and authentic objects that give room for pause. Special attention is paid to the raid (‘De Overval’) on the prison ‘Huis van Bewaring’ in Leeuwarden in 1944, the most spectacular act of resistance in Friesland during the war.

personal stories

The Frisian Resistance Museum tells stories: stories that touch, confront and raise questions about people who had to make difficult choices in difficult times. In the exhibition you will see how the Second World War unfolded and its impact on Frisians. 

Eyewitnesses and objects with personal stories bring the war up close by focusing on topics such as the air war over Friesland, the resistance against the occupying forces and the people in hiding. 

the raid

Special attention is paid to the spectacular Overval (‘Raid’) by members of the Frisian resistance on the detention centre in Leeuwarden. More information can be found at:

de overval