fries land now on view

The Museum of Friesland is located in the heart of Friesland, but what kind of landscape is this anyway? Discover it with a unique animation film in the exhibition Fries Land. Geographical and historical maps dating from 10,000 years before Christ to the present day take you on a journey through time. The changes to the Frisian landscape become visible. The film is an introduction to the exhibitions The Eleven Cities, Ferhaal fan Fryslân, The Terp, The Dike and Hindeloopen.

What makes Friesland Friesland? The borders that frame the province? Is it the language? Or the geological history of the current piece of land? An animated film shows how the landscape has changed geologically and geographically, how the boundaries between water and land have shifted over the centuries. Also included are maps of a more whimsical nature, which show contemporary interpretations of the Frisian countrybased on the language or the Frisians who live there. These show that Friesland can suddenly extend from Zeeland to Denmark.