On the 21st of December, we celebrate Midwinternight. This will be a festive and magical day! The museum will be open from 11.00 until 22.00 and the central hall of the museum will be totally decorated in Viking-style! Several Viking stalls, workshops and a costume competition will be held. The texts in the exhibition ‘We Vikings’ is explained in Dutch and English, so it is accessible for all!

Date: saturday 21 december van 11.00 tot 22.00



Slieker Film plays the tensive film ‘Midsommar’ at 15.45. This dramatical, mystical horror film is about a couple of friends that travel to Sweden for a midsummer festival. An idyllical festival rapidly changes into a violent and bizarre cult.

viking drinks

There are possibilities to have a few drinks in the central hall of the museum upward of 20.00. Moreover, there will be a Viking contest from 20.00 until 21.00. A costume and Viking act will be assessed by a professional jury. The act can last for maximum 20 seconds. Please fill in the form as accurate as your Viking-self. The winner will receive a plundered Viking goodie-bag.