publication we vikings

we vikings. frisians and viking in the coastal area of the low countries

Vikings and Frisians. Inhabitants of the North Sea coasts. Blond and sturdy, with shared cultural characteristics and a similar language. Almost like family. Or were they?

From 810 AD onwards Frisia, at the time part of the Frankish empire, suffered fierce Viking raids. What were the consequences of these devastating dragon ship attacks on Frisia, the elongated coastal area between the Zwin and the Weser? Were all Frisians opposed to Viking aggression, or did they occasionally turn Viking themselves? Critically questioning accustomed sources, We Vikings aims to unearth fresh material from a long-lost landscape and to offer a new perspective on existing ideas.

Enthusiastic academics and curators from various disciplines present their refreshing and balanced views on existing ideas about the Viking Age in Frisia in this publication accompanying the exhibition. Special objects are given extra attention, and in accordance with the exhibition it also features stories about saints and heroes. € 24,95. Available from 19 October 2019 in the museum bookstore, in general bookstores and on the publisher’s website (

ISBN EN 978 94 6262 273 9

Background image: Norman longships, Bayeux tapestry, after 1068. With special permission from the town of Bayeux, France