frequently asked questions

can I also buy a ticket at the museum ticket office?

In order to be assured of entrance, it is best to buy a ticket online. Unfortunately no more tickets are available at the ticket office after a date is sold out. You can also buy tickets at the ticket office, but we cannot guarantee that there will be tickets left.

how do I order tickets?

1. Choose a date

2. Choose an arrival time

3. Choose a ticket type

4. Fill in your details and choose a payment method

5. After payment, the tickets will be sent as a PDF to your e-mail address. It may take a few minutes before you receive your tickets by e-mail. If after a while you have not received anything, check whether the payment has been debited and whether the tickets have not accidentally ended up in your spam filter.

5. Print out your ticket(s) and take it with you to the museum. It is also possible to have the barcode of your e-ticket scanned via your smartphone.

6. Always bring your discount card with you, we will ask for this when you have your ticket scanned.

7. If you do not receive your ticket within 2 hours after payment, please send an e-mail to:

can I order tickets by phone?

No, it is not possible to order tickets by telephone.

what should I do if I don't manage to order tickets online?

If you are unable to order your ticket(s) online, try again at a later date, possibly from another device. It is not possible to order tickets by telephone. You can buy tickets at the museum ticket office, but we cannot guarantee that there will be enough tickets left.

can I refund or exchange my tickets after purchase?

Purchased tickets are non-refundable and/or non-exchangeable.

what are the opening hours?

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 17:00.

Closed: New Year's Day, Christmas Day, King's Day
Also open: Easter, Pentecost and Christmas Day

is the museum open during holidays?

The museum is open on Easter, White Monday and Boxing Day. We are closed on New Year's Day, Christmas Day and King’s Day.

am I allowed to take photos?

You are allowed to take photos in the exhibition Rembrandt & Saskia. Please don't use a flash, tripod or selfiestick. If you want photos for a publication or blog, send an e-mail to:

how does the combined ticket with the princessehof work?

On the day of your visit, you can also use your combi-ticket to visit the Princessehof. You are not bound to a fixed time.

i want to see the permanent collection, not rembrandt & saskia

Not a problem. We don't sell separate tickets for this, so the time slots and entrance fees remain the same. An entrance ticket is valid for the entire museum.

can I order tickets online for a group?

Yes, you can order tickets online for a group of 10 or more people. Please note that there may be a queue to enter the exhibition when it is busy. The group can then enter the exhibition in sub-groups. We also offer packages for groups. For the options, please contact Joukje Brouwer or Tineke Burmania (058) 255 55 00. You can also send an e-mail to:

can I visit the exhibition with my pupils or students?

To book school visits call Tineke Burmania, 058-2555500. Of course you can also send us an e-mail:

is my ticket valid for the entire museum?

Yes, your ticket will give you access to the entire Museum of Friesland and the Fries Verzetsmuseum (Frisian Resistance Museum) on the date and time you have selected.

what time do I need to arrive?

You may enter the museum until one hour after the specified time of arrival. You are allowed to stay as long as you like after you are inside.

what do you do with my personal data?

We will use your e-mail address to send you your ticket(s).
The newsletter is sent to subscribers. You can unsubscribe at any time.
You will receive an e-mail with necessary and/or relevant information that is applicable to your visit, for example, to notify you of calamities or changed parking advice.
After your visit you will receive a once-only (anonymous and noncommittal) visitor survey by e-mail.

do I also need to make an online reservation if I have a museum card?

Yes. On some days it is very busy in the museum. In order to guarantee your access on the specified day and time, it is also wise to make a reservation even if you do have a museum card. It is also wise to make an online reservation for a repeat visit.

which queue should I join at the ticket office?

Signboards indicate which queue you should join. There is a queue for visitors who have booked online and a queue for visitors who want to buy tickets at the ticket office. We try to continuously optimise the flow of visitors. To avoid disappointment and a long waiting time, a large screen at the ticket office indicates which time blocks are sold out.

am I only allowed to visit the museum during my time slot?

No, the time slots apply to the chosen arrival time, not to the duration of the visit. A ticket also provides visitors with access to the rest of the museum, including Phantom Limb: Art beyond Escher and the Fries Verzetsmuseum (Frisian Resistance Museum).