tile tableau, hilbrand jans

This tile tableau was painted by Hilbrand Jans. Apparently he had difficulty getting the waves right – the ship seems to be hovering over instead of floating on them.

Tegeltableau, Hilbrand Jans, 1760

Tile tableau, Hilbrand Jans, 176. Click on the image to see a larger version.

At the sight of blue and white earthenware, most people will immediately think of Delftware. However, this kind of pottery was also made in vast quantities in Friesland, in the village of Makkum and the cities of Harlingen and Bolsward. In the 18th century, over 25 million tiles and dishes were produced in Bolsward.

Not many of these fragile items have survived time: being used as household goods, most of them were broken. Fortunately the decorative tiles were better preserved.