sailing boat model

Hendrik Bulthuis was a hairdresser, but preferred to design and build boats. His first design, a small boat which could be sailed single-handed, which he named BM – from BergumerMeer or Bulthuis Method – became a real classic in the world of recreational sailing.

Modelboot gemaakt onder leiding van Hendrik Bulthuis, Bergum, circa 1927

Sailing boat model made under the guidance of Hendrik Bulthuis, around 1927

Bulthuis found it important that sailing became accessible for everyone, also for the less well-to-do. His BM enabled an amateur to build a small boat for a total amount of around 100 Dutch guilders, wood, hardware and sails included. It proved an unprecedented success.

In his spare time, Bulthuis used to teach young boys the principles of sailing with small model boats that they built themselves, like the one you see here. Later on, Bulthuis designed an open family sailing boat, the zestienkwadraat (16m2 ), which also became a success and is a common sight on the Frisian lakes until this very day.