rapeseed field, jentsje popma

This field of yellow rapeseed reminds of days gone by, when the Friesian landscape was so much more colourful than today, due to the wide variety of crops that used to be grown there.

Koolzaadveld, Jentsje Popma, 2000-2004

Rapeseed field, Jentsje Popma, 2000-2004. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Jentsje Popma devoted the lion’s share of his painted oeuvre to the Frisian landscape which he largely painted the way he liked to see it. The impoverished landscape due to increasing monoculture, urbanisation and modern windmills annoyed him. In his work, colour, atmosphere, and the effect of light and dark prevail. Later in life, Popma used to paint sitting in his car, his canvas mounted on the steering wheel.