frysk boerekwartetspul, card game

This card game, similar to ‘Happy Families’ (UK) or ‘Old Maid (USA), was made by four farmer’s sons who studied at the agricultural college in Leeuwarden in the 1930s. They felt that townspeople, but also many young country people looked down on the agricultural sector as well as on the Frisian language.

Frysk Boerekwartetspul, uitgave van De Blauwe Seilbokse, eerste uitgave in 1940

Frysk Boerekwartetspul, card game issued by De Blauwe Seilbokse, 1st edition 1940

They set up an organization that promoted the interest of farmers, farm work and the Frisian language and named it after the traditional farmers’ workclothes: De Blauwe Seilbokse (Blue Overtrousers).

The card game they issued in 1940 proved so successful that it had no less than three re-issues: in 1958, 1982 and 2007. Four is a family!