eppo’s tombstone

This red sandstone coffin lid was rescued from the rubbish dump by an observant member of the Fries Genootschap (an institution catering for the preservation of Frisian culture and historical heritage), who saw it standing in a churchyard , ready to be thrown away.

Grafzerk van Eppo, zogenaamde Epposteen van Rinsumageest, 1341

Eppo’s tombstone of Rinsumageest, 1341. Click on the image to see a larger version.

The Eppo stone is the oldest portrait in the Fries Museum’s collection. The name was derived from the text on the stone which says that the man whose grave it covered was named Eppo. His family name is unknown. What we do know is that he had a twin brother, whose name Sicco is also on the stone, to the left of Eppo’s shoulder. Eppo is believed to have lived at the Tjaardastate in Leeuwarden and was buried in 1341.

The text on the stone reads (roughly): “Here lies our dear son Eppo, buried in the ground. May all who pass here say a prayer for him.”