composition with cows

This herd of cattle was painted by Tjerk Bottema. By using combinations of coloured patches without any lines to separate the shapes and ‘playing’ with the black and white of the animals’ hides, he managed to make figures that are unmistakably cows, standing or lying around. Note the tiny white triangle he used for the nose of one of the cows.

Compositie met koeien en rode daken, Tjerk Bottema, 1920-1930

Composition with cows and red rooftops, Tjerk Bottema, 1920-1930

Equally recognizable are the farm houses in the background. Seen from the lateral side (however not clearly visible in this painting), these characteristic Frisian farms remind of a lying cow, with a head (the house) a neck (the connecting passage) and a body (the barn). 

Everything under one roof, red in this case.