chronicles or the history of friesland

This book contains magnificent colour prints. As the title already)suggests, it deals with the history of Friesland. The prestigious task to compose it was commissioned to Pierius Winsemius, by the provincial Government.

Chronique ofte Historische geschiedenisse van Vrieslant, Pierius Winsemius, 1622

Chronicles or the History of Friesland, Pierius Winsemius, 1622

Until then, the early 17th century, historical documentation was random and had never been properly organized. Winsemius tried to bring everything together in one large history book. Note the magnificent hand-coloured engravings, including those of a few historically significant characters such as Redbad, Grutte Pier and Charlemagne.

Another reason for the authorities to have this book made was that it would enable them to prove to the Spanish occupant that the province was entitled to certain old privileges which, obviously, they wanted to retain.