box decorated with geometrical marquetry

This wooden box with its colourful marquetry was hand-made by Thijs Rinsema.

The Rinsema brothers earned a living as cobblers in the town of Drachten. Apart from mending shoes, the two were active in the world of art, Thijs as a visual artist and Evert as a poet. During the first World War they got to know Theo van Doesburg, who was a member of the art movement De Stijl and a Dadaist. Dadaists had a critical attitude towards society, which took shape in the shocking and absurd art objects, statements and presentations they made.

Doosje met geometrisch inlegwerk, Thijs Rinsema, 1920-1930

Another acquaintance of the Rinsemas’ was the Dadaist Kurt Schwitters, who regularly came to stay, on which occasions Thijs and Kurt made collages or this type of boxes which they decorated with colourful marquetry.