a happy father and a happy mother

These paintings represent the typically Frisian model family, judging by the boy’s wooden satchel and the bare ear iron of the nurse on the left – at work women only used to wear their undercap.

Although these two paintings on the themes of parenthood and upbringing belong together, Willem Bartel van der Kooi did not make them in the same year.

Vadergeluk en moedergeluk, Willem Bartel van der Kooi, 1816-1818

A Happy Father and A Happy Mother, Willem Bartel van der Kooi, 1816-1818

Van de Kooi was a renowned 19th-century painter, who even had King William II and his wife as clients. He was also a member of several art academies in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Ghent. Nevertheless, his star faded soon after his death, when his precise, realistic style became less fashionable.