resistance museum closed for 3 weeks

The Fries Verzetsmuseum (Frisian Resistance Museum) will be closed for three weeks from Monday 2 December for a makeover. The permanent exhibition is going to be reorganised to improve accessibility and broaden its appeal. Several objects will be changed, exhibition texts will now be in four languages and the last room will be dedicated to freedom in today's world. This will prepare the Fries Verzetsmuseum for the future and the commemoration year 2020. The museum will open its doors again on 21 December, the first day of the Christmas holidays. The Fries Museum, of which the Fries Verzetsmuseum is a part, will remain open during this period.

The Fries Verzetsmuseum has been a permanent part of the Fries Museum since 2013. It is a place where visitors can meet the people who lived in Friesland between the years 1940 and 1945. Frisians and non-Frisians share their experiences of the war in the Frisian countryside. After the makeover, these stories will be even more powerful.

freedom now

The Second World War was the direct reason for drawing up the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The last room of the Fries Verzetsmuseum presents personal stories that are rooted in the rights it enshrines. The presentation shows the liberties that were granted after the war. Several inhabitants of Friesland tell their personal stories here, and visitors leave with a new perspective on human rights in today's world.

75 years of freedom

Next year, the Netherlands and Friesland will celebrate the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. Special activities, commemorations and events will be organised in the Netherlands throughout the year. The Fries Verzetsmuseum will also participate in these events. In addition to the permanent exhibition, from 11 April 2020 to 6 September 2020, the museum offers a stage for various projects in the context of 75 years of freedom in Friesland.

The Fries Verzetsmuseum is part of the Fries Museum.​

The Fries Museum is co-financed by the Abe Bonnema Foundation, the Province of Friesland, the Noord-Nederland Partnership, EZ/Kompas, the BankGiro Lottery and Aegon.​