fries museum extends its opening hours for the last week of the escher exhibition

From 20 to 28 October, the Fries Museum will once again extend its opening hours due to the anticipated rush during the last week of the popular exhibition Escher’s Journey. During this closing week the museum will be open almost every day from 10.00 to 20.00. Exceptions are 26 and 28 October. Because of scheduled activities, the museum will remain open until 17:00 on Friday 26 October and until 18:30 on Sunday 28 October. As the end of Escher's Journey coincides with the autumn holidays, the Fries Museum strongly recommends that visitors order tickets in advance via the museum's website.

The major exhibition Escher’s Journey opened in Leeuwarden on 28 April. The exhibition was regularly sold out from the start and has attracted 200,000 visitors in five months. Because of the overwhelming interest, the museum has already extended the opening hours several times.

online reservations

In view of the continued popularity of the Escher exhibition, the museum urges visitors to reserve tickets online. This guarantees entrance to the exhibition on the desired day and time. In order to offer visitors the best possible experience, the Fries Museum uses time slots. The time slots apply to the chosen time of arrival, not the duration of the visit. It is recommended that admission tickets be ordered via the museum's website. With their ticket visitors also have access to the rest of the museum, including Phantom Limb: Art beyond Escher, as well as the Fries Verzetsmuseum (Frisian Resistance Museum).

escher’s journey

Escher’s Journey makes M.C. Escher’s development as a visual artist tangible. The exhibition focuses on the enormous influence that the locations Escher visited had on his work. With more than eighty original prints, about twenty drawings as well as various photographs and objects, visitors follow in the footsteps of this travel-mad graphic artist. XPEX Amsterdam’s innovative exhibition design enhances the experience of Escher’s life and work. In the popular Escherstudio, a reconstruction of his workshop in Rome by art director Leo Zandvliet, visitors can make a selfie with a sphere in which the studio is reflected; a reference to the masterpiece Hand with Reflecting Sphere (1935). An audiotour enables visitors to truly walk in Escher’s shoes. In the audio tour Escher’s own words are voiced by director Peter Greenaway.


The exhibition ‘Escher’s Journey’ is made possible by ING, the Blockbuster Fund, the Mondriaan Fund, the Municipality of Leeuwarden, St. Anthony Gasthuis, De Haan Advocaten & Notarissen, Leeuwarden-Fryslân European Capital of Culture 2018, Aegon, Fryslân Province and the BankGiro Lottery.

The Fries Museum is co-funded by the Ir. Abe Bonnema Foundation, the Province of Friesland, the Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland, EZ/Kompas, the BankGiro Lottery and Aegon.